About me

Born in Rome, he lived in Venice for nearly 20 years, where he worked as a surveyor.
He began windsurfing in 1975 and since that day it was “love at first sight”. In 1999 he moved to Lake Garda where, a few years later, he opened the repair center, SEATEXBOARDS Boards and Boom Repair.
After a few years, he began studying HTML, PHP and Flash to design content for the web.
And now with the advent of social media his focus is to integrate web design and social media into an interactive, hybrid system that operates in real time.
And as a visual artist he continues to enjoy taking photos and videos with his #iPhone and #GoPro, always trying new perspectives and ideas, sometimes unconventional.
If you are interested in finding out more about me and my work, feel free to contact me below:

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Andrea Pagan
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